Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Suzuki Crosscage | Eco-friendly motorcycle

Another Suzuki concept, the Crosscage gets closer to reality and this time it's green.
Suzuki Crosscage

Last year Suzuki unvieled the Crosscage Concept at the Tokoyo Motor Show. The Hydrogen fuel-cell powered Crosscage which borrows design cues from UK based Intelligent Energy's ENV motorcycle. From what we can hear suzuki motors have extended the agreement with Intellegent energy and will be working on making hydrogen fuel-cell powered bikes in the near future.

Speaking to Motorcycle News, Phil Caldwell, director of business development at Intelligent Energy says,“We have developed an excellent relationship with Suzuki over the past two years and this agreement further strengthens our partnership.”

The Suzuki's Crosscage will be powered using fuel cell and Li-ion batteries with a performance on par with a 125cc city bike. It is speculated that the Crosscage will generate absolutely no operating sound and the only emission will be pure water. The bike is also stated to be efficient with a low fuel consumption.

“Our fuel cells are efficient, robust, and emit zero carbon at the tailpipe. Both Intelligent Energy and Suzuki are committed to the development of cleaner and more responsible vehicles for the consumer," said Henri Winand, chief executive of Intelligent Energy

As we yearn towards greener pastures seems Suzuki in partnership with Intelligent Energy have made their intentions clear about adding greener vehicles to its eco-friendly portforlio.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cycling is Good, Green and Fun

Cycling is good for you
Cyling reaps benefits; both for yourself and your environment - was never a secret... let me get you started.

Cycling everyday is a great aerobic exercise; keeping your lungs operating at its optimal level. Which helps in keeing you healthy and your legs feeling great.
Cycling also keeps your weight in check. A great way to burn those calories and minimize various diseases.

cycling is good
Its also great on your wallet
Cyling practically cost nothing. Requires zero maintenace and no need to refuel at gas stations. Thus saving you invaluable money.

Good for our planet
With all the talks of Global Warming, and Al Gore's 'An inconvinient truth' doing rounds - you can't help but realize that you are an integral part of the entire system.
So this is how you can save the planet; by cycling.
- It is an eco-friendly and green transportation, thus cutting out on green
house gas emissions, like c02.
- Resulting in cleaner air, so we wouldn't have to wear gas masks any time soon.

Cycling is addictive and fun. Something your mom wouldn't mind you indulging in.
So get yourself a bike and enjoy the ride! We're All Smiles :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

ENV Fuel Cell motorcycle

ENV fuel-cell motorcycle is the worlds first purpose built fuel cell motorcycle that is not just fun to ride but environmentally friendly as well.

The motorbike, known as an Emissions Neutral Vehicle (ENV), has a top speed of 50mph (80km/h), a range of at least 100 miles (160km) and can run continuously for four hours before the fuel cell needs recharging.

A really neat feature of the ENV motorcycle is that the Core or fuel cell is completely detachable from the bike, and can be used to power anything from a motorboat to small domestic appliances.

So if you've got the money and are enthusiatic about living green, this zero emission motorcyle could be the thing for you. The only draw back to the ENV or any other fuel cell automobile could be finding a local hydrogen filling station.